I will be showing a different version in the final

I mean it’s too fucking easy

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I have made a music video for Toh Kay. I would appreciate it if you watched it and stuff.

I wrote a bit about it here.

Preorder the album here.

Download the track here.

Spring Semester Recap

Video 2

-Started this semester with an opposite video of just abstract shots on Steadycam rig spinning around different parts of Richmond. I really did enjoy shooting that video just because it was not what I usually do plus it was not for money or to please a client. If I had time to do more abstract piece I would love too. Just time is money and they’re only 24 hours in a day. The main focus on this semester has been commercial work. I’ve exported new boundaries in the industry which I work in before classes started I help created a video just by being the camera guy which was a new experience not editing what I shot. Linked below is that video. Shooting outside of RVA has been a big thing for myself also. This semester I’ve shot video in Panama City Beach, Baltimore, Charlottesville, and DC. On the other hand I have also expanded what my company ClutchPro-Vids can cover and provide for clients other than just EDM aftermovies. As of now I am working on a project that is the pilot video of a episode series that is a revolution of the interview process with celebrities, artist, and pop culture figures. If the pilot gets approved I can travel all across the country to shoot this type of documentary style interview with these figures. Also most recently I was offered a job as post production crew for a EDM based video company in NYC. Finally I am working for my final in Video 2 is a fashion based video a commercial for Vizcaya Swimwear. I am very excited to shoot this project to help fellow friends and start building a well rounded portfolio. 


Shot wonderfully

The Otherside

Bands Make her Dance

Fuckin Problems